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  • last updated 2 months ago
  • version: 1.5.2

Customizing the styling

Bread has been designed from the ground up with customization in mind. You can change the styling of certain elements by changing them in Bread/Resources/js/style_config.js.

Bread uses TailwindCSS classes to build its layout. You can override the styling of Bread components and colors by providing it your own tailwind classes.

If you want to use the styles from style_config.js in your own components. Simply import the Bread service class from @bread/js/Services/Bread.

<div :class="Bread.style('buttons.danger')>
  My Custom Component

You can change the styles in Bread/Resources/js/style_config.js. @bread(key) is a reference to a key in the style_config file, and will be replaced with those classes by the Bread.style() service.

export default {
  text: {
    light: 'text-gray-50 hover:text-gray-100',
    dark: 'text-gray-700 hover:text-gray-800',
    success: 'text-green-600 hover:text-green-700',
    danger: 'text-red-600 hover:text-red-700',
    info: 'text-yellow-600 hover:text-yellow-700',
    new: 'text-blue-600 hover:text-blue-700',
  colors: {
    light: 'bg-white hover:bg-gray-50 text-gray-700',
    dark: 'bg-gray-700 hover:bg-gray-500 text-white',
    success: 'bg-green-600 hover:bg-green-700 text-white',
    danger: 'bg-red-600 hover:bg-red-700 text-white',
    info: 'bg-yellow-600 hover:bg-yellow-700 text-white',
    new: 'bg-blue-600 hover:bg-blue-700 text-white',
  rings: {
    base: 'focus:outline-none focus:ring-2 focus:ring-offset-2',
    light: '@bread(rings.base) focus:ring-gray-200 ',
    dark: '@bread(rings.base) focus:ring-gray-500 ',
    success: '@bread(rings.base) focus:ring-green-500 ',
    danger: '@bread(rings.base) focus:ring-red-500 ',
    info: '@bread(rings.base) focus:ring-yellow-500 ',
    new: '@bread(rings.base) focus:ring-blue-500 ',
  buttons: {
    base: 'inline-flex w-full justify-center rounded-md border border-transparent px-4 py-2 text-base font-medium text-white shadow-sm sm:col-start-2 sm:text-sm',
      '@bread(buttons.base) @bread(colors.light) @bread(rings.light) border-gray-100',
    dark: '@bread(buttons.base) @bread(colors.dark) @bread(rings.dark)',
      '@bread(buttons.base) @bread(colors.success) @bread(rings.success)',
    danger: '@bread(buttons.base) @bread(colors.danger) @bread(rings.danger)',
    info: '@bread(buttons.base) @bread(colors.info) @bread(rings.info)',
    new: '@bread(buttons.base) @bread(colors.new) @bread(rings.new)',