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The Libaro website is operated by Libaro, a private limited company, registered under the company number BE 0541.352.248 ("Libaro BV"). In this privacy statement, Libaro informs you about the use of your personal data on the Libaro website ("Privacy Statement"). Libaro is considered to be for certain processing activities "controller" (see Article 3.2) and for others as a "processor" (see Article 3.1). Libaro does not take this responsibility lightly. Libaro therefore goes in a responsible way with your personal data. Your personal data is carefully processed and secured in compliance with applicable regulations, such as the general regulation data protection of April 27, 2016 (also referred to as "GDPR") and the law on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data from July 30, 2018. Zo in particular, the principles of privacy by design and data minimization become strict complied with.

Does Libaro process personal data?

In order to make optimal use of our services, each user must have an account Libaro are created. For this account, the registration of your name, e-mail address, password, phone number and company name required. In addition, personal data is processed depending on the services used. This one processing is necessary for the proper functioning of the service. The services provided by Libaro offers include:[DLAP1] Creating a Libaro account; Managing store information Managing store reservations

Why does Libaro process this data?

Depending on the capacity in which you call on the services of Libaro (as an employee of one of our customers (your employer), visitor at the invitation of one of our customers, or a third party, Libaro acts as a "processor" or as a "controller".

Libaro as a processor for customer service

If you are an employee or visitor at the invitation of one of our customers, and you use the services within Libaro, we process your personal data for the provision of the services that we make available at the request and at the expense of your employer. Depending on the services chosen by the employer (see article 2), Libaro will process personal data when this service is used via Libaro. For a detailed overview, please refer to the applicable privacy statement of your employer. After all, this data is processed by Libaro on behalf of and for the account of the employer, which determines the purpose and means of the processing activities. Libaro therefore limits itself to this personal data in accordance with and within the limits of the processing agreement concluded with you employer to process. Libaro therefore acts here as a processor, and not as a controller. We refer therefore refer to the applicable privacy statement of your employer. Libaro as controller of your personal data Customer Billing Purposes If you are an employee or visitor at the invitation of one of our customers, and you use the services via Libaro, we process personal data that are necessary to process the invoicing set. We process that data that allows us to know which services you use and with which frequency, so that we can map out how much your employer has to pay for the used services. Depending on the services you rely on (see article 2), this data may, for example, name, email address and location. For this purpose, we only process those personal data that are strictly necessary to prepare the invoicing in order to be able to fulfill our contractual obligations with regard to our customer (your employer). This processing is therefore necessary for the representation of our legitimate interest, namely to: to be able to fulfill our contractual obligations towards your employer. Here we see that your fundamental rights and freedoms are respected. Services to third parties If you are a third party, i.e. without being associated with one of our customers, of our services makes use of our Libaro application, a direct contract is concluded between you and Libaro. In this context, we will then process certain personal data, depending on the services on which you rely (see article 2), in order to be able to provide this service. This processing of personal data is therefore necessary to perform a contract concluded with you. Service Improvement Analysis As soon as you use our Application (in whatever capacity), we will collect personal data (usage data) with a view to improving our services. The processing of this personal data is based on our legitimate interest, i.e. improving of our services. Based on these analyses, we can see where the needs of our users and adapt our services accordingly. This processing of personal data therefore also benefits you. We also ensure that your fundamental rights and freedoms are respected. Direct marketing and profiling Your personal data will only be used for direct marketing purposes if Libaro uses your would have obtained explicit prior consent (“opt-in”) when creating your account on our Libaro application. If you have given such consent, you may revoke such consent at any time revoke moment. If you want to withdraw your consent for direct marketing, you can email the following e-mail address

Who does Libaro share this data with?

Your personal data is kept strictly confidential and is generally not disclosed to third parties, except as provided below. Where Libaro acts as a controller, it can process personal data use other service providers. These service providers will act as processors. They are allowed process the personal data exclusively on our behalf. With these processors, Libaro has a processing agreement concluded. In this, the processor is obliged to comply with all legal provisions, among other things and comply with the provisions of this Privacy Statement. Where Libaro acts as a processor, Libaro can - subject to the consent of the controller - engage so-called sub-processors. Libaro will also make the necessary arrangements with these sub-processors enter into processing agreements, so that your rights as a data subject are guaranteed. Your personal data will only be processed within the European Economic Area.

How does Libaro secure this data?

Libaro continuously takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data protect against loss, unlawful use, unlawful processing of your personal data by others, and also to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. Libaro was developed taking into account the “privacy by design principle” by, among others, the encrypt visitor passwords.

How long does Libaro keep this data?

Libaro only stores your personal data for as long as this is necessary for the purposes described. On that In this way we also prevent irrelevant information from being stored. Since the contractual liability claim only expires after 10 years, we will provide certain data for this duration - only for this purpose - archiving. As you can see below, you can always request us for certain information to delete. Libaro will always comply with this if the legal conditions are met are (see Article 7).

Your rights

You have the right to inspect the personal data that Libaro has about you (and to receive a copy of this). receive). You have the right to have the personal data that Libaro holds about you corrected if it is incorrect or are out of date and/or to have them completed if they are incomplete. You have the right to object, with reasons, to the processing of your personal data where it is is based on a "legitimate interest" of Libaro. If Libaro processes your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you should not even motivate such a request. If a processing takes place on the basis of the consent provided by you, you always have the right to to revoke consent. In principle, you have the right to have the personal data that Libaro has about you in a structured, common and machine-readable form and transfer it to another controller. In principle, you have the right to request Libaro to transfer your personal data and/or account remove. However, you also have the right to request that the processing of your personal data is only limited (for example: making personal data inaccessible). To exercise your rights, please contact Libaro by sending an email to


Libaro reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. The changes will be made via our website announced. Libaro recommends that you regularly review the Privacy Statement.

Questions and complaints

Privacy is a sensitive issue, and rightly so. If you have any questions or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact Libaro by sending an e-mail to You can also file a complaint with the Data protection authority via