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01. Web Development
The core of all developments. An attractive, functional website that is accessible via the browser. This can serve as the basis for an extensive platform that is tailor-made or as an interface for the end user. Depending on the project, this is extended with APIs, algorithms, integrations, ...
02. Digital architecture
Each development is part of a (digital) business strategy. We use our expertise to outline this strategy and architecture. In order for all systems to have their purpose and place, aligned with the total picture. Large amounts of data also need to be neatly structured. We ensure that the data architecture is in accordance with the rules of the art.
03. Apps
A useful app is usually an extension of a web application. This ensures quick access to functionality and brings the company closer to the end user. Our references speak for themselves.
04. IOT
We know how to use technology to add value to people's lives.

Our Tech Stack


  • Laravel, PHP, MySql, Redis, LiveWire, PHP Pest, Guzzle, Laravel Mix
  • React, Vue.js, Pinia, AlpineJS, Inertia, Vanilla JS, Vite, Npm, Ionic
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Python, Algolia, Pusher, SSH,


    Microsoft Power BI, Zendesk, Ibanity, Stripe, Saferpay, Mollie, Teamleader, Exact Online, One Signal, Campaign Monitor, Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Sportmonks, Lightspeed, Sorare, affiliate networks (Awin, ..), Hubspot, Typeform, De Lijn, Loxone


    AWS, Laravel Forge, Larvel Envoyer, Bugsnag, Forecast, NGINX, Docker, Tinkerwell, GitHub Copilot, PhpStorm, DataGrip, Google Workspace, Dashlane, Bitbucket, Github, Fork

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