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  • last updated 1 year ago
  • version: 1.5.2

Form Renderer

What is it?

The Form Renderer allows you to render a form. Simply provide it the fields to render, and it will do the rest.


namespace App\Domains\Users\Controllers;

use Bread\Routes\UserRoutes;
use Bread\Fields\UserFields;
use Bread\Components\UserFormComponents;

final class UserController
    public function create()
        return FormRenderer::render()
            ->title('Create New User')
            ->components(UserFormComponents::class) // Optionally render custom components
namespace App\Domains\Users\Bread;

use Libaro\Bread\Fields\Text;
use Libaro\Bread\Fields\Fields;
use Libaro\Bread\Fields\Number;
use Libaro\Bread\Fields\Boolean;
use Libaro\Bread\Contracts\Renderer;
use Libaro\Bread\Contracts\Invokables;

final class UserFields implements Invokables
   protected function __invoke(Renderer $renderer) {
        return Fields::add(
            Text::make('Name', 'name')
            Text::make('Email', 'email')
            Number::make('Age', 'age'),
            Boolean::make('Active', 'active'),
            Select::make('Role', 'user.role')->options([
                'admin' => 'Admin',
                'user' => 'User',


We have provided a number of fields that you can use. You can also create your own field by extending the Field class. All fields have a range of options that you can use to customize the field.

Available Fields


You provide options using a fluent api, which means you can chain them in any order.


You can divide you form in tabs and specify which fields to show for each tab.

use Libaro\Bread\Fields\Tab;
use Libaro\Bread\Fields\Tabs;

return Fields::add(
            Text::make('name', 'Naam')
                ->addWrapperClass($class, true),

            BarMultiSelect::make('bars', 'Bars', $bars)
                ->addWrapperClass($class, true)

Creating your own Field

You can create your own custom Field


Using the Bread command

Run php artisan bread:field NameOfYourField to create a new field.

Two files will be created:

This field will automagically be recognized by Bread.